Destiny’s Devices Series

The Sorcerer’s Lady

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Victorian debutante Laura Sullivan couldn’t believe her eyes; Aunt Sophie’s ancient spell had conjured up the man of Laura’s dreams—and deposited a half-naked barbarian in the elegant library of her Boston home. How in the world could she explain the arrival of the captivating Viking? Although she could not deny an irresistible attraction to the infuriating brute, he was hardly the proper blue blood her father expected her to marry.

A powerful sorcerer, Connor had traveled through the ages to reach his soul mate, the bewitching beauty who had captured his heart in dreams. But Beacon Hill wasn’t ninth-century Ireland, and Connor’s powers were useless if he couldn’t convince Laura that love was stronger than magic and that she was destined to become The Sorcerer’s Lady.


“Debra Dier proves that she is a sparkling jewel in the romantic adventure world of books.”—Affaire de Coeur

“Debra Dier always brings something new and special to the genre…”—RT Reviews

“With her bright talent, intelligent voice, and elegant prose, Debra Dier creates characters we can believe in, emotions we can feel, and stories we can experience.”—bestselling author, Connie Rinehold

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