Critical Acclaim for Debra Dier!

Quill Award winner from Writer’s Hall of Fame, 2002

“Debra Dier always brings something new and special to the genre…”—RT Reviews

“With her bright talent, intelligent voice, and elegant prose, Debra Dier creates characters we can believe in, emotions we can feel, and stories we can experience.”—bestselling author, Connie Rinehold

Scoundrel was nominated for the Romantic Times (RT Reviews) Best Regency Historical Romance Award

“Debra Dier pens a delightfully original romance. Scoundrel is an enchanting book to treasure.”—RT Reviews, Scoundrel

“This great romance has a cast of lively characters and fast-pace action that brings you right into the story. A Thoroughly enjoyable book!”—Rendezvous, Scoundrel

“Another great read for Ms. Dier, Scoundrel sizzles with romance, intrigue, and memorable characters.”—Paperback Forum, Scoundrel

 Lord Savage was nominated for the Romantic Times (RT Reviews) Best Victorian Historical Romance Award

“Exhilarating and fascinating!”—Affaire de Coeur, Lord Savage

“Kudos to Ms. Dier for an unforgettable reading adventure. Suberb!” —Rendezvous, Lord Savage

“Sensual, involving and well written, this is another winner from the talented pen of Ms. Dier.”—Paperback Forum, Lord Savage

 The Sorcerer’s Lady was nominated for the Romantic Times (RT Reviews) Best Historical Time Travel Romance Award

“A magical story with one of the most charming, caring heroes encountered in a long time.”—The Heartland Gazette, The Sorcerer’s Lady

“Debra Dier takes myths and turns them into a magical, mystical world…Here is laughter and love wrapped up in a marvelous, memorable story.”—Paperback Forum, The Sorcerer’s Lady

“A marvelous tale with a grand maze of twists and turns that will mesmerize you and spark your imagination….A Keeper!” —Rendezvous, The Sorcerer’s Lady

 Dangerous was nominated for the Romantic Times (RT Reviews) Historical K.I.S.S. (Knight in Shining Silver) Hero Award

“Ms. Dier’s fans, old and new, will delight in this fast-paced, cleverly plotted romantic mystery with a surprising twist. The sharp and sexually charged dialogue spices up the suspense as readers are led into London’s underbelly on a hunt for a killer.”—RT Reviews, Dangerous

“Dier’s deft handling of familiar elements and the emotional depth she creates in the relationship between Emma and Sebastian make Dangerous a stand-out in a crowded field.”—Jane Jorgenson, All About Romance, Dangerous

“Once again, Debra Dier gifts her numerous fans with another extraordinary tale of timeless love. Beyond Forever is a wonderful tale…This is a great book to curl up with.”—Affaire de Coeur, Beyond Forever

“Debra Dier takes us on a journey that is peppered with tantalizing passion and spiced with intrigue. The exciting cast of characters is well-defined, showing remarkable strength and sensitivities. The conclusion will delight you.”—Rendezvous, Beyond Forever

“Ms. Dier, with deft turn of phrase and insight into human nature, wrings an emotionally charged tale from her characters which engages both interest and empathy of her readers!”—The Literary Times, Saint’s Temptation

“Debra Dier will keep you turning the pages in this entertaining, fast paced tale…It both charms and delights with a little mystery, passion and even a bit of humor.” —RT Reviews, Devil’s Honor

“An ‘I couldn’t put it down’ novel.”—Lisa Ramaglia for America Online, Devil’s Honor

Devil’s Honor is a wonderful read with beautiful characterizations. Fabulous job, Ms. Dier! Ms. Dier’s characterizations give Devil’s Honor a romantic zing! Once again, Ms. Dier does not disappoint. Her heroes are simply dashing! Get out the drool buckets ladies, Ms. Dier’s men will make you salivate! Roguish scamps, spunky women, and endearing secondary characters are trademark Debra Dier, and this book is full of them! Gloria Lower— Copyright © Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved — From Literary Times, Devil’s Honor

“The talented Ms. Dier captures the English/Scottish animosity to perfection and weaves an exhilarating tale that will touch your heart with fire and emotions. Great reading!”—Rendezvous, MacLaren’s Bride

“Debra Dier’s delightful drama is definitely a historical romance reader’s dream.”—Affaire de Coeur, MacLaren’s Bride

“Debra Dier will delight readers with her delicious love story…Ms. Dier has written a thoroughly enjoyable novel that readers will love!”—The Literary Times, MacLaren’s Bride

“An exciting and action-packed adventure…Once again Debra Dier proves that she is a sparkling jewel in the romantic adventure world of books.”—Affaire de Coeur, Deceptions and Dreams

“Deceptions and Dreams is tightly plotted with plenty of well-developed characters…Ms. Dier’s writing is skillful and sure, painting with words a story filled with passion, adventure, and emotions.”—Rendezvous, Deceptions and Dreams

“A stunningly beautiful and evocative love story brimming with action, adventure, and a touch of fantasy…A Quest of Dreams will grab your heart and won’t let go.”—bestselling author, Kathleen Morgan, A Quest of Dreams

“A steamy romantic romp with just the right touch of fantasy. A treat for Debra Dier fans!”—New York Times bestselling author Bobbi Smith, A Quest of Dreams

“Debra Dier has written a refreshingly delightful time-travel romance that will provide much entertainment.”—Midwest Book Review, MacKenzie’s Magic

Shadow of the Storm is one of the fastest paced romances around…sizzling with provocative love scenes that are some of the most intoxicating in romantic fiction!”—The Heartland Gazette, Shadow of the Storm

“Debra Dier writes a sexy, tender, enthralling love story!”—RT Reviews, Shadow of the Storm

“Surrender the Dream has sparkling dialogue, suspense-filled intrigue and sizzling love scenes—what more could you ask for!”—Affaire de Coeur, Surrender the Dream