Pick up a Handsome Devil for $0.99

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Devil’s Honor is available for 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes and Noble until June 12.

This edition includes minor revisions to characters and plot while maintaining the original story. Devil’s Honor is the second book in the Beyond the First Blush series.

Devil’s Honor is a wDevil's Honor Ebook by Debra Dier 400x250onderful read with beautiful characterizations. Fabulous job, Ms. Dier! Ms. Dier’s characterizations give Devil’s Honor a romantic zing! Once again, Ms. Dier does not disappoint. Her heroes are simply dashing! Get out the drool buckets ladies, Ms. Dier’s men will make you salivate! Roguish scamps, spunky women, and endearing secondary characters are trademark Debra Dier, and this book is full of them! Gloria Lower— Copyright © Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved — From Literary Times