Can you read my manuscript and tell me what I need to do to improve it?

I cannot. I am not necessarily a good critic. I am afraid I have little time to accomplish everything I want to do in a day. Think of what might happen if I started to read all the manuscripts of all the people who would like me to help. I wish I could, but I would end up not being able to write. It is better for everyone if I just stick to writing.

Did you take courses in writing?

No. I started out in pre-med, decided I didn’t really want to take on that responsibility, changed my major half a dozen times, and ended up with a degree in something I really didn’t want to do. When I decided to write I read many books on how to write. I taught myself.

How did you first get published?

I went to a writers’ conference and handed an agent my manuscript. Yes, the entire manuscript. We accepted the first offer from the first publisher. In case you are wondering, this is not the best way to get published. If you want to work with a publishing house, you need an agent. You need to go through a proper submission process. Check out Literary Marketplace in the library for a list of agents, what they represent, and how to submit properly. If you are interested in self-publishing, I am not an expert. I suspect you can find books on that subject as well.

How many hours do you spend writing each day?

As many as I can.

Do you accept speaking engagements?

Right now I am not accepting any speaking engagements. After such a long time away from my desk, I am concentrating on writing.