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MacLaren’s Bride

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MacLaren's Bride by Debra Dier

MacLaren’s Bride by Debra Dier

A Determined Highlander and his Reluctant Bride

She was known as the Snow Queen, a challenge to the gentlemen of the ton, for it was said she could freeze a man with a single glance of her green eyes. No one knew the icy castle walls were built to protect the vulnerable girl within. Meg Drummond didn’t trust easily—not when she had seen her own parents’ marriage crumble. Though she allowed her estranged father to believe she would marry an Englishman to spite him, she had never found a man who could win her reluctant heart, until Alec MacLaren charged back into her life. She had loved the charming rogue since she was a child. Yet could she trust the wicked Highlander with her heart?

A hero of Waterloo, Alec kidnapped and married Meg out of loyalty to her father, but once he held her in his arms he ached to savor all of her. A suspicious tragedy had made him Earl of Dunleith. After years of war he longed for a home and family. He knew he needed to break through the wall of ice around Meg’s heart, gain her trust, and awaken her desire to truly make her his bride.