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MacLaren’s Bride

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MACLAREN’S BRIDE strikes the right balance between sexiness and captivating story-telling. Debra Dier provides enough yearning and scintillating chemistry to make MACLAREN’S BRIDE a true swoon-worthy romance. The supporting characters are often entertaining and add depth to the story. A mystery pops up in the middle of the book that is intriguing but fits the story and doesn’t take away from the romance. I look forward to reading more enchanting romances by Debra Dier in the future—Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction

Ms. Dier has written a thoroughly enjoyable novel that readers will love! Combine a wild Scottish warrior and an English ice queen and you get a passionate romance sure to enthrall readers! Magical! A wonderful story from the pen of Debra Dier! A fast-paced, romantic tale! Debra Dier will woo many readers with her gift for story telling! Kristina Wright — Copyright © Literary Times, Inc. All rights reserved — From Literary Times

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