The First Four Books

 In The

Destiny’s Devices Series


A Quest of Dreams  Book One of Destiny’s Devices

Historical Romantic Action Adventure With a Touch of Fantasy

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To Devlin McCain she was a fool chasing moonbeams, a spoiled rich girl who fancied herself an archaeologist and believed her money could buy anything. But beneath her spinsterish façade burned a blistering sensuality he was powerless to resist, and he would journey through hell to claim her.

To Kate Whitmore, he was an overbearing brute who treated women like chattel, an unscrupulous scoundrel who valued gold above all else. Yet try as she might, she couldn’t deny the irresistible allure of this dangerous man.

Hard-edged realist and passionate idealist, Devlin and Kate plunged into the Brazilian jungle, searching for the answer to an ancient mystery. Yet someone else sought that mystery, someone determined to possess it at any cost.

Deceptions and Dreams  Book Two of Destiny’s Devices

Victorian Romantic Suspense With a Touch of Fantasy

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After the devastating scandal her mother had caused years ago, Sarah Van Horne avoided the slightest whiff of impropriety, along with any chance for marriage. She froze eligible gentlemen where they stood. Fortune hunters retreated in defeat. But the dangerously handsome burglar she caught in her New York City mansion stole every trace of her composure. Although she ought to send the suave rogue to prison, she had reasons not to involve the authorities. And the idea of this captivating scoundrel behind bars disturbed her far more than she wanted to admit.

Confident, ingenious, and devilishly charming, Lord Austin Sinclair knew how to get what he wanted. A locked door would not prevent him from retrieving a dangerous stolen artifact, nor the pistol Sarah aimed at his head. Still, he had never expected the icy beauty would tempt him. An entanglement with Sarah could prove a disaster. He must deceive her to get what he wanted. Unfortunately, the beguiling lady threatened his heart as well as his mission.

MacKenzie’s Magic  Book Three of Destiny’s Devices

Scottish Victorian Time Travel Romance

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The day after he survives a murder attempt, Dominic Stanbridge, the notorious Marquess of Lancaster, awakens claiming he is Colin MacKenzie, a Scottish earl who lived three hundred years ago. Suddenly London’s fashion plate is running about town dressed only in his silk dressing gown, wielding a sword, and speaking in a strange Scottish accent. He has no memory of his life, and no idea who wants him dead.

After Dominic forced Jane into marriage, Jane vowed to thwart his attempts at seduction, and earn her freedom. She steeled herself against the blackguard, aware he would go to any lengths to win their bargain and seal her fate. Yet nothing could have prepared her for her husband’s abrupt change the day after their wedding. How was it possible the detestable scoundrel could suddenly send her pulse racing with a single touch? Jane was far too practical to believe anyone could bewitch her. Yet suddenly she was at the mercy of MacKenzie’s Magic.

The Sorcerer’s Lady  Book Four of Destiny’s Devices

Victorian Time Travel Romance

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Victorian debutante Laura Sullivan couldn’t believe her eyes; Aunt Sophie’s ancient spell had conjured up the man of Laura’s dreams—and deposited a half-naked barbarian in the elegant library of her Boston home. How in the world could she explain the arrival of the captivating Viking? Although she could not deny an irresistible attraction to the infuriating brute, he was hardly the proper blue blood her father expected her to marry.

A powerful sorcerer, Connor had traveled through the ages to reach his soul mate, the bewitching beauty who had captured his heart in dreams. But Beacon Hill wasn’t ninth-century Ireland, and Connor’s powers were useless if he couldn’t convince Laura that love was stronger than magic and that she was destined to become The Sorcerer’s Lady.


“Debra Dier proves that she is a sparkling jewel in the romantic adventure world of books.”—Affaire de Coeur

“Debra Dier always brings something new and special to the genre.”—RT Reviews

“With her bright talent, intelligent voice, and elegant prose, Debra Dier creates characters we can believe in, emotions we can feel, and stories we can experience.”—bestselling author, Connie Rinehold

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